A purple zygopetalum orchid in bloom

Zygopetalum Orchid: Beginner’s Care Guide

Zygopetalum orchids are rewarding plants, known for their ease of culture, and deep-colored, fragrant blooms. Their flowers are long-lasting, making them great plants to add some color to your home.

Lopsided Sar orchid (Epidendrum secundum) aka Angel Orchid

Epidendrum Orchid: Beginner’s Care Guide

Epidendrum orchids are known for producing vibrant flowers that will brighten your house and improve your mood. They bloom several times throughout the year and are very forgiving plants, making them a great candidate tor beginners.

Closeup of Bulbophyllum orchid flowers

Bulbophyllum Orchid: Beginner’s Care Guide

Bulbophyllum orchids, also known as “Bulbos,” are the largest genus of orchids with more than 2000 species. They are named after their bulbous leaves and are known for having an incredible range of flower shapes and colors.

White cymbidium orchid growing outdoors

Cymbidium (Boat Orchid): Care Guide & Pictures

Cymbidium orchids, more commonly known as “boat orchids” due to the shape of their flowers, are one of the most popular types of orchids for gardeners. They are also easy to care for and can even be grown outside in the right climate.

Yellow Cattleya orchid - the Queen of Flowers

Cattleya Orchid: Beginner’s Care Guide

Cattleya, the “Queen of Orchids,” is a popular variety for both novice and experienced growers. She has a lovely fragrance, expansive blooms, and striking colors.

White mini oncidium orchid

Mini Orchids: Care Guide & Pictures

The orchid craze is here to stay. In this article, we explain everything there is to know about what mini orchids are, and how best to care for them.

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